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Star Wars Marvel Cover #3 - 2015

Star Wars Marvel Cover #3 - 2015, Greg Hildebrandt
Star Wars Marvel Cover #3 - 2015

Greg Hildebrandt

This is the third cover for the 3 part set of Marvel: The Star Wars Years.

Created in March 2015.

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.

Greg Hildebrandt has revisited the world of Star Wars a few times in his career, but this may have been his favorite. In 2014, Marvel approached Greg and asked him to do a variant cover for their new 3 book omnibus series titled, Star Wars: The Marvel Years.

The first painting was finished and July 2014, when Marvel asked Greg to paint 2 more covers! The second painting in the series was completed in December 2014, and the final painting in March 2015. All 3 of these paintings have been wildly popular, and Greg had more fun with each piece!

The hardest part of these paintings is the tiny details on the ships, and the likenesses of the characters. Greg was so concerned with getting them right that he bought models of the Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker! He paid great attention to detail, and completely threw himself into each painting, challenging himself to make the best pieces he could for fans of the Star Wars universe. It is his hope that you will enjoy these paintings for each of their unique compositions and characters.