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2014 TSO Program Cover Painting

2014 TSO Program Cover Painting, Greg Hildebrandt
2014 TSO Program Cover Painting

Greg Hildebrandt

This painting was designed and created by Greg Hildebrandt in 2014 for the new Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour Program Cover.

A painting like this requires weeks of preparation and planning before Greg's brush ever touches the canvas. For this cover, Greg and Paul O'Neill worked hard to make sure every detail was carefully planned, and incorporated elements from past TSO programs and shows as well. Greg wanted to capture the feelings of wonderment and magic that Paul brings to every story he writes, and Greg has done so beautifully! Greg loves paintings like these, because they are extremely challenging, but the final image is always rewarding!

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.

Created in July 2014.