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Gotham Rain

Gotham Rain, Mark Romanoski
Gotham Rain

Mark Romanoski


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Batman has long been a favorite of Mark Romanoski. The caped crusader who haunts the streets of Gotham, dealing justice in a calculated rage, is the Dark Knight. Gotham and the Bat Signal are loosely illustrated in the background. For Mark, this was about the struggle. The rain warps the city in the background, giving a sense of the way Batman feels about the criminals and chaos that exist in Gotham, and in his mind. He is vigilant in his watch, and often consumed by a violent anger that he constantly battles and struggles to control.

Created in January 2014.
Signed by Mark Romanoski.

See the color study for $150 here: Gotham Rain - Study
See the pencil sketch for $100 here: Gotham Rain - sketch