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Rear Window - Black Board

Rear Window - Black Board, Greg Hildebrandt
Rear Window - Black Board

Greg Hildebrandt


‘Rear Window’ is an occasion where Greg has allowed the viewer a complete look at the other person in the scene. Often, Greg will indicate the presence of a man, but will not usually show the entire figure. In the true spirit of noir, our femme fatale appears completely ignorant of her late night intruder, but there is a mischievous look in our heroine’s eye that makes us wonder…what happens next?

Greg Hildebrandt has been painting his ‘American Beauties’ pinup series since 1999. He absolutely loves to work on a black background and create breathtaking pinups using an artistic process that works from dark to light. Most artists struggle to work this way, while Greg has tackled this challenge with enthusiasm and vigor! He loves to illustrate moody pulp and noir scenes, as well as classic pinups, with strong, sexy, women in 1940’s and 1950’s settings. These particular pieces are called, blackboards, and are primarily black and white, sometimes with vibrant flashes of color. They truly bring the viewer back in time!

This would make a great gift for yourself or the pinup fan in your life.

Created by Greg Hildebrandt in July 2013

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt