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Beethoven V Mephistopheles

Beethoven V Mephistopheles, Greg Hildebrandt
Beethoven V Mephistopheles

Greg Hildebrandt

Beethoven vs Mephistopheles is the rock opera tale of Ludwig van Beethoven on the last night of his life. On this night, Mephistopheles, otherwise known as the devil, comes to collect his soul. In return for his soul, Mephistopheles offers Beethoven the opportunity to change his life.

Back in 2003, Greg discovered the soundtrack. He fell in love with the rock and classical blend that TSO had created. So much so, that he sketched and painted images of the Opera all day and all night. This piece specifically, was inspired by Beethoven's Last Night which was a blend of Beethoven's 10th and final symphony.TSO later re-issued the cover art with Greg's painting.

Greg uses warm and cool colors to emphasize the heated struggle Beethoven is faced with.Compositionally Greg uses the dark jagged shapes of Mephistopheles' own being that brings a sense of danger to Beethoven as he hunches over on his dear piano. What will our Beethoven choose? The Devil or his own soul?

Acrylic on Canvas
Created 2003
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt

IMAGE AREA: 20" X 26"
FRAMED SIZE: 21.75" X 27.5"