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TSO Stained Glass - Sketch #4

TSO Stained Glass - Sketch #4, Greg Hildebrandt
TSO Stained Glass - Sketch #4

Greg Hildebrandt

Since 2003 Greg Hildebrandt has been honored to create art for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO). By popular demand, we are making available for sale Greg's pencil sketches, inks and a few finished water colors. Most of these are preliminary concepts that Greg has created for and discussed with Paul O’Neill, the founder of TSO, to arrive at the finished paintings that have been published by TSO.

This pencil sketch was a concept for a T-Shirt design. It is draws upon classic imagery and carvings of beautiful muses that surround a window of stained glass. The window depicts a guitar being lifted by an elegant hand. An homage to the love of rock and roll? Or an offering to music to the muses in hopes of receiving further inspiration?

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt
Pencil on paper