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Superman Last Goddess of Krypton sketch pg 26

Superman Last Goddess of Krypton sketch pg 26, Greg Hildebrandt
Superman Last Goddess of Krypton sketch pg 26

Greg Hildebrandt


Put a little love in your heart with this heartwarming, beautiful moment between Lois and Superman. In every story there is the time when the hero must leave someone he loves to face great danger. This page captures the love, worry, and passion that exists between these two souls.

These are the original pencils for the entirely painted graphic novel, "Superman: The Last God of Krypton," written by Walt Simonson (best known for his incredible work on Marvel's Thor). As you can see from the title of the piece, DC was originally going to name the comic, "Last Goddess of Krypton," but they changed the name before going to print. This is the only graphic novel Greg and Tim every painted this way. Because of that, these pencils are especially significant!

Preliminary sketch for pg 26 in The Last Goddess of Krypton.
Pencil on Paper.

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.