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Mob Rules Character Sketch

Mob Rules Character Sketch, Greg Hildebrandt
Mob Rules Character Sketch

Greg Hildebrandt

Mob Rules - Black Sabbath: ALBUM COVER

What is a dream?

What is a nightmare?

If you are an artist you have both and at some point in your career you paint them.

Mob Rules was a nightmare, one that haunted me for many years.

I finally painted it in 1970 and Black Sabbath wanted it for their album cover of Mob Rules in 1981. This is a sketch for that painting.

Now that seemed to work out well for both of us. The album was a great success. It was voted #1 Heavy Metal Cover of all time by Imagine FX magazine fans, I never had the nightmare again after I painted it. The fans loved the art, so much so that they make up legends about the painting.

To this day whenever I get interviewed I am asked why I painted, Ozzie Must Die, into the piece.

Did I?

Greg Hildebrandt

Sketch on vellum.

SIGNED by Greg Hildebrandt