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Alice In Wonderland Table

Alice In Wonderland Table, Greg Hildebrandt
Alice In Wonderland Table

Greg Hildebrandt
36 x 24 x 24

A few months ago very special friends of Greg Hildebrandt had their very first baby, a little boy named Barrett. Greg decided he wanted to create something very special for Barrett and so found a piece of unfinished furniture for Barrett’s room and decided to turn it into an Alice in Wonderland table.

Now Greg had never painted on apiece of furniture before so this was a whole new thing for him. This beautiful table is the end end result of many hours painting in contorted positions because you just don’t throw a table on your easel. But Greg is very happy with the final table.And we believe that Barrett’s parents are happy with it. Of course it will be a few years until Barrett starts to speak so I guesss Greg will just have to wait a while for his reaction to the gift.

Made with love by Greg Hildebrandt