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The Riddler - Black Board

The Riddler - Black Board, Greg Hildebrandt
The Riddler - Black Board

Greg Hildebrandt
20 x 27


Greg has long been a fan of comics, especially Batman. He always appreciates a good villain, and finds the Riddler to be among the best! Greg started doing these beautiful blackboard originals in 2007 using only colored pencils and acrylic paint. He has done over 125 blackboards since he started, but only 11 of them were comic related. Of those 125 originals, only 19 remain for sale, and this is the last remaining comic piece.

As with many of the characters he draws, Greg likes to put his own spin on each piece of art. In this blackboard, Greg captures the ever excited, curious Mr. E. Nigma taunting his viewers and daring them to try to solve his puzzles. Can you solve the riddles of the Riddler?

Created by Greg Hildebrandt in July 2008

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt