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Mob Rules - Black Sabbath - Sketch #1

Mob Rules - Black Sabbath - Sketch #1, Greg Hildebrandt
Mob Rules - Black Sabbath - Sketch #1

Greg Hildebrandt
19 x 22

Mob Rules - Black Sabbath: ALBUM COVER

What is a dream?

What is a nightmare?

If you are an artist you have both and at some point in your career you paint them.

Mob Rules was a nightmare, one that haunted me for many years.

I finally painted it and Black Sabbath wanted it for their album cover of Mob Rules in 1981. This is the final sketch for that painting.

Now that seemed to work out well for both of us. The album was a great success. It was voted #1 Heavy Metal Cover of all time by Imagine FX magazine fans, I never had the nightmare again after I painted it. The fans loved the art, so much so that they make up legends about the painting.

To this day whenever I get interviewed I am asked why I painted, Ozzie Must Di, into the piece.

Did I?

Greg Hildebrandt

SIGNED by Greg Hildebrandt