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The Flash

The Flash, Greg Hildebrandt
The Flash

Greg Hildebrandt
16 x 20

On September 16th the Montclair Art Museum opened its new show on the The Evolution of Comic Book Superheroes.

Greg Hildebrandt was honored to have been chosen to paint two 12 FOOT murals for the show. The first contained Seven of DC Comics classic characters. The second 12 Foot painting contained Seven of Marvel Comics classic characters.

When Greg designs his layout for a painting he does many initial layout sketches and then his final. This is one of Greg's FINAL FULL SIZE pencil character layouts for his DC Mural.

Greg transfers from his final sketch to his canvas or board.

The two paintings Greg created for the Museum are the largest Hildebrandt paintings ever done. Greg had a great time with this commission.

Created by Greg Hildebrandt in August 2007

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt