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Fate and Beethoven #2

Fate and Beethoven #2, Greg Hildebrandt
Fate and Beethoven #2

Greg Hildebrandt

PLEASE NOTE: This is two pieces of paper taped together in the middle.

This is a concept sketch for Beethoven's Last Night that was unused, though it is very beautifully drawn and rendered!

Since 2003 Greg Hildebrandt has been honored to create art for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Most of these are preliminary concepts that Greg has created and discussed with Paul O’Neill to arrive at the finished paintings that have been published by TSO.

All of these are part of Greg’s art for Beethoven’s Last Night.

These pieces are what we call the Heart of the Art. This is where Greg’s love of creation begins. Each one is a wonderful piece of history for any Hildebrandt or Trans-Siberian Orchestra fan.

Illustrated by Greg Hildebrandt
Pencil on paper
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt