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Krull - Black Fortress

Krull - Black Fortress, Greg Hildebrandt
Krull - Black Fortress

Greg Hildebrandt


1982 ORIGINAL - Acrylic Wash - on paper

Yes, original, one-of-a-kind, unique, NOT a PRINT!

At the end of 1981 Greg Hildebrandt began to work with Peter Yates on the pre-production art for the movie, KRULL.

"From the sky will come the Black Fortress. From the Fortress will come the Slayers to devour the planet of Krull. Then shall a girl of ancient name become queen...she shall choose a king...and together they shall rule the planet. And their son shall rule the galaxy."

After working for 4 months on this project Peter Yates went in a different direction for the final film. This art has been in Greg Hildebrandt's private storage since 1982. The film was released in 1983.

The Black Fortress is rendered with detail and care. Greg uses a variety of pen techniques to differentiate the textures in the water and the textures on the rock. He uses minimal pen textures as the waves and sky recede into the background creating a vast depth. He also uses that receding technique to help frame and contrast the actual castle. The dark sky begins at the top of the page and as it gets closer to the castle the sky gets lighter making the castle the main focal point.

Acrylic Wash - on paper
Created 1982

Image Size: 25"x17" inches

Framed Size: 28" x 21" inches