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Stoic Champion

Stoic Champion, Greg Hildebrandt
Stoic Champion

Greg Hildebrandt

A powerful warrior, brave, armored, and ready to defend even against an undead creature in a stadium full of bloodthirsty spectators. The card description states, “His outer calm belies his inner fury.” The true nature of a champion is not always known. Greg expertly captured the strength and power of this character, lighting the scene beautifully, and giving a fantastic camera angle to the viewers almost as if WE are the creature that is charging this fierce fighter!

Card #21 of 145 in the Magic the Gathering: Legions cards, set 2 of 3 in the Onslaught block.

Of the over 60 paintings in the Greg Hildebrandt MtG collection, there are less than 20 remaining. These paintings become more rare and limited with time.

Published by Wizards of the Coast.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.