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Tolkien Calendar - March 1978 Gift of Galadriel

Tolkien Calendar - March 1978 Gift of Galadriel, Brothers Hildebrandt
Tolkien Calendar - March 1978 Gift of Galadriel

Brothers Hildebrandt
36 X 34 inches


Galadriel is one of the great and beloved rulers of Lothlorien. She is wise, powerful, beautiful, and kind. This painting depicts the moment when Aragorn is given the Elfstone of the house of Elendil, a gift that is a great honor and a symbol of hope for the warrior and heir of Isildur.

As any true Tolkien fan knows, Galadriel was the most significant women in Lord of the Rings. Yet, her appearances were limited by comparison to that of the leading cast. Because of this, Galadriel only appeared in 3 of the Brothers Hildebrandt’s 1970’s paintings.

This painting was signed by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt prior to Tim's death in 2006. We are selling this painting on consignment for one of our collectors. This painting has not been available for sale since the 1980's!

Tolkien Calendar 1978 The Gift of Galadriel
Acrylic on Board
Signed by Greg and Tim

FRAMED: 40" x 38"