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Lightning Strikes - Ravidel the Battlemage

Lightning Strikes - Ravidel the Battlemage, Greg Hildebrandt
Lightning Strikes - Ravidel the Battlemage

Greg Hildebrandt
16 X 21 inches


This image was slated to be used as the cover for the Prelude to War comic for a Magic the Gathering series being published by Acclaim. Unfortunately, the series was canceled before the comic could come out. Jeff Gomez and Geof Vita used their editorials at the end of issue 2 to disclose the bad news that the comics had been canceled. Along with information about the upcoming titles that had been planned, they also showed off some of the cover art that had already been finished.
This piece was included as a pinup page at the end of issue 2 to lets the fans know what could have been.

Cover painting for an Acclaim comic book.
Acrylic on Board - Framed.

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.