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Search for Survivors

Search for Survivors, Mark Romanoski
Search for Survivors

Mark Romanoski
15 X 11 inches

Mark Romanoski painted the imagery for this rare sorcery card for the Magic the Gathering Prophecy expansion deck. The card has the power to reorder your graveyard, if it is a creature card, it is put back into the battlefield, otherwise that card or character is exiled. Just as the card players are searching for survivors the characters in this card are searching for their fellow men as well. The sky is no longer a pure blue, but a blue stained by the loss of warriors during battle. The clouds and smoke billow and curl angrily in the background inching forward to cause more chaos and destruction as the warriors search frantically for any surviving men. Mark paints puts care into the detail and destruction of the scene for Magic fans to enjoy in card form and to collect and bring a piece of original art to go with their collection. Magic fans get a piece of this incredible fantasy.

Published by Wizards of the Coast.
Signed by Mark Romanoski.