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Superman p13

Superman p13, Brothers Hildebrandt
Superman p13

Brothers Hildebrandt
16 X 23 inches

Acrylic on board.

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt painted a very limited number of pieces for DC comics during their career together. In 1998, the Brothers Hildebrandt were asked to take on the challenge of painting a superhero legend: Superman! This page was number 13 in the graphic novel, ‘Superman: The Last God of Krypton’, which was written by Walt Simonson and released in January 1999. The story is the single appearance of Cythonna, an ice elemental who first swears to kill Superman, but then decides to marry him! This page is a quiet, intimate moment between Lois Lane and Superman as he brings her to the safety of his Fortress of Solitude. Every page of the book was painted from edge to edge by the Brothers Hildebrandt. Notice the stylized but realistic features of their faces that perfectly blends the worlds of comics and realism. These pages are being made available for sale for the first time!

Unfortunately, Tim Hildebrandt passed away in 2006. While Greg Hildebrandt continues to paint every day--his love of art has never waned--there can never be a new Brothers Hildebrandt piece. These paintings are all that remain.

This painting was not signed by Greg and Tim prior to Tim’s death. Therefore this original art is available signed only by Greg Hildebrandt.