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Superman p36

Superman p36, Brothers Hildebrandt
Superman p36

Brothers Hildebrandt
16 X 23 inches

This painting was a published page #36 in the Superman book: The Last God of Krypton. This book was a trade paperback written by Water Simonson, and illustrated by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. Cythonna, searched for a mate to produce monsters and creatures so she could produce even more death and destruction. Along her way she perused, Roa, a sun entity that the Kryptonians worshiped. Roa rejects Cythonna, and exiles her to a frozen void. However, she breaks away when Krypton dies out. Cythonna vows vengeance on all Kryptonians and hunts down those who are surviving. She finds her way to Earth, and finds Superman.

In this book Cythonna unleashed her hate and wrath for Kryptonians and anyone or thing that stood in her path. Greg and Tim captured the vicious battle between the Superman and Cythonna. They painted her body language and facial expressions filled with hate. In contrast, they painted a heroic, strong, and powerful image as Superman flies through the air!

Tim Hildebrandt passed away in June of 2006. This painting was not signed by Greg and Tim, prior to Tims death. Therefore this original art is available signed only by Greg Hildebrandt.


Medium: Acrylic on board.

Image area
16x23 inches

Framed size
19.25" x 26.5" inches

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt