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X-Men 2099 Oasis cover #2

X-Men 2099 Oasis cover #2, Brothers Hildebrandt
X-Men 2099 Oasis cover #2

Brothers Hildebrandt
30 X 23 inches

1st ever painted graphic novel by Greg & Tim Hildebrandt.

The X-Men 2099 from the outskirts of cyberpunk societies and the future unknown, three mutant allies- Cerebra, Skullfire and La Lunatica seek another mutant but find a commune of mutant integration with a cult-leader who is set to create a new utopia at a far darker cost. A one-shot special edition variant of X-Men 2099, X-Men: Oasis is artistically made by the Hildebrandt Brothers which also incited a trading card series.

Created in 1996.
acrylic on board
Signed by Greg and Tim