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The Spirit - Monolith

The Spirit - Monolith, Brothers Hildebrandt
The Spirit - Monolith

Brothers Hildebrandt

The beloved hero of Central City, and a masked vigilante, The Spirit is one of Will Eisner’s most notable and successful works. He was created as part of an attempt to break into the popularity of comics in Sunday newspapers, and quickly stole the hearts of readers nationwide!

In the mid 1990’s the Brothers Hildebrandt were commissioned by Michael Uslan (executive producer of all of DC’s Batman films) to do this painting of ‘The Spirit’ as a pitch for a possible animated feature film. At first, the painting portrayed the original design for Will Eisner’s character, but Greg and Tim were instructed to ‘update’ and ‘modernize’ the character for a new audience. This beautiful painting was the result of their efforts, and Will Eisner was said to be fond of their interpretation.

Ultimately, the animated film was not produced, but this monumental painting stands as an homage to a beloved artist, character, and sequential art classic!

Acrylic on board.
Signed by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt.
Created in 1996.
UNFRAMED SIZE: 18” x 26”
FRAMED SIZE: 22" x 30”inches