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Dash Does It Again

Dash Does It Again, Brothers Hildebrandt
Dash Does It Again

Brothers Hildebrandt
11 X 15 inches

In the Star Wars novels, this Hotshot of a pilot made a name for himself beginning with the Rise of the Empire. This painting captures not only the mood of the universe Dash is a part of, but it captures Dash’s character. Dash has confidence in his stride as he takes care of business. His facial expression and hand expressions are relaxed because he is comfortable in his line of work. Dash works as a smuggler, bodyguard, mercenary, and thief. He only accepts the most difficult jobs with the highest reward or pay. He accepts them because once again, he has the confidence in his skills and profession. The Brothers Hildebrandt painted the background with bold blues and reds that bounce off of Dash’s uniform but the bold colors frame out Dash’s figure as he walks across the room. The Brothers Hildebrandt used the surroundings of a character to emphasize key elements to focus on, like Dash’s character and body language. They also used the archway of the door in the background to further frame out Chewbacca, Luke, and Lando. As experts of color, design, and composition,
Greg and Tim make sure that such key details as these famous characters are not missed.

Acrylic on board
Signed by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
Published 1995 Shadows of the Empire Trading Card Set
Card #53
Created 1995
UNFRAMED SIZE:11"x15" inches
FRAMED SIZE:15"x19" inches