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Angelus and Darkness

Angelus and Darkness, Brothers Hildebrandt
Angelus and Darkness

Brothers Hildebrandt
25.5 X 37 inches

This fabulous painting of 'Angelus and The Darkness' was created by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt for a Darkness comic cover in 1996. This is a great example of the Brothers Hildebrandt's use of light and color to create vibrant, powerful paintings like this one!

The embodiment of the Light and the opposing force of The Darkness, the Angelus is one of Jackie Estacado's mortal enemies. The Angelus retains the memories of all of her previous host's lives and has led many crusades against the Darkness in seeking to rid the world of her evil enemy.

The Darkness - Top Cow Productions

Acrylic on board.

ART SIZE: 25" x 36"
FRAMED: 25.5" x 37"

Signed by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt.