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Tolkien Calendar Dec 1976 Return of the King

Tolkien Calendar Dec 1976 Return of the King, Brothers Hildebrandt
Tolkien Calendar Dec 1976 Return of the King

Brothers Hildebrandt
24 X 16 inches

"Men of Gondor, hear now the Steward of this Realm! Behold! One has come to claim the kingship again at last. Here is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, chieftain of the Dúnedain of Arnor, Captain of the Host of the West, bearer of the Star of the North, wielder of the Sword Reforged, victorious in battle, whose hands bring healing, the Elfstone, Elessar of the line of Valandil, Isildur's son, Elendil's son of Numenor. Shall he be king and enter into the City and dwell there?" And all the host and all the people cried yea with one voice."
—Faramir the Steward announces the coronation of King Elessar

This painting depicts the honorable Aragorn, as he is crowned King Elessar, receiving the crown from Gandalf the White. This is a painting that depicts the proud and noble moment when Aragorn truly embraces being a king -- a king who would bring prosperity and harmony to his people and form new bonds between Men, Elves, and Dwarves.

Fun fact: Greg and Tim Hildebrandt are in this painting! They are the two soldiers to the right of Gandalf (Greg is Holding the banner and Tim is in the background).

This is a painting from December of the 1976 Tolkien Calendar, which was painted by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt.

This painting was signed by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt prior to Tim's death in 2006.

Published by Ballantine Books. Signed by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt.
Acrylic on board.