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Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch, Brothers Hildebrandt
Scarlet Witch

Brothers Hildebrandt

Wanda Marya Maximoff is a reality warping, and chaos magical being. Original costume would change overtime, however, the scarlet red color would become the color she was most known for. Scarlet witch’s character has been on a journey through marvels highs and lows. During her voyage, she and the Vision married and had children. As their journey continued into the storyline called the “Vision Quest”, the Vision had annulled their marriage. Near 1996. when Marvel was near bankruptcy, the Avengers Title was relaunched which included Scarlet Witch as a sorcerer, She later played a pivotal role, in Avengers Disassembled storyline and became a regular character in Uncanny Avengers. Jumping from storyline to storyline, Scarlet Witch managed to make her way to the big screen in the Marvel Studio’s Civil War film.

The Brothers Hildebrandt painted this painting for the Marvel Masterpiece trading card set released in 1994. The warm fiery reds and vibrant purples bring this painting to life. The character’s pose, posture, facial expression, all give a confident and mystical attitude to this Avenger. Scarlet Witch is no witch to mess with!

Marvel Masterpieces
trading card set
framed acrylic on board
Signed by Greg and Tim

IMAGE AREA: 11" x 14.5"
FRAMED SIZE: 19.5" x 23.5"