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Klaw, Brothers Hildebrandt

Brothers Hildebrandt
9 X 11 inches

This painting was published for the Marvel Masterpieces in 1994. Greg and Tim Hildebrandt painted Marvel’s existing villains and heroes in dynamic and action packed compositions. They focused on extreme lighting, and adding as much expression and intensity to capture the energy of a character!

Klaw spent his career searching for Wakanda’s secrets. Driven by harnessing the power of Vibranium, for his sonic devices, he attacks and kills Wakanda’s ruler T’Chaka. In doing so, T’Challa, T’Chaka’s son become enemies. Klaw, throughout his villainous adventures encounters The Thing, Human Torch, Daredevil, Vision, and other heroes. He gets captured, then escapes, gets captured, and escapes, making him a villain who not only manipulates “solid sound”, but his situations to his favor.

Created 1994
Published 1994 Marvel Masterpieces Trading card set

Medium Acrylic on board.

Image area
9”x11” inches

Framed size
18" x 21" inches

Signed by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt