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Rogue and Gambit

Rogue and Gambit, Brothers Hildebrandt
Rogue and Gambit

Brothers Hildebrandt
18 X 24 inches

Who says super heroes can’t be sexy? During the 90’s everybody was at the beach or they wanted to be at the beach! Heavily influenced by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, Marvel decided super heroes deserved to spend sometime in the sun and enjoying the water! In doing so, they published their first issue of the “Marvel Swimsuit Special” in 1991. Greg and Tim Hildebrandt completed a painting to be featured on the cover of an issue for this Swimsuit special in 1995. Both Greg and Tim masterfully combine elements of the super hero world and elements of a pin up into this painting. The playful pin up poses are complimented by the classic bright and vibrant colors that the comic book world knows and loves. Greg and Tim add some pin up spice to the painting, by making Rogue and Gambits figures the stars of the show! At the same time they keep comic fans happy by adding the unmistakable X-men symbol on Rogue’s costume. Overall, this piece is fun, sexy, and dynamic and a perfect collectable for X-men fans and comic fans!

Framed Acrylic on board
Signed by Greg and Tim
Created 1995
FRAMED SIZE: 21.5" x 27.5"