Horror Art

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Horror/PrintsBlood Lust - Photo PrintGreg HildebrandtPrints$15
Horror/PrintsFrankensteinBrothers HildebrandtPrints$35
Horror/PrintsBlood Lust - Photo Print - LargeGreg HildebrandtPrints$35
Horror/Book CoverStrange TalesGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$40
Horror/Product ArtRe-AnimatorMark RomanoskiPencils - BW$200
Horror/Heavy MetalAvenging Angel sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$400
Horror/DraculaCarfax AbbeyGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$450
Horror/DraculaDraculaGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Horror/LegendsDraculaMark RomanoskiPencils - BW$525
Horror/LegendsFrankensteinMark RomanoskiPencils - BW$525
Horror/LegendsTerrorMark RomanoskiPencils - BW$525
Horror/DraculaCircle of the Host - DraculaGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$1200
Horror/7th EditionLast Chance MissionGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$300
Horror/FantasyFull 04Daniele SerraMixed Medium$400
Horror/FantasyInexhibitDaniele SerraMixed Medium$750
Horror/FantasyAfricanDaniele SerraMixed Medium$800
Horror/FantasyOur LadyDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1200
Horror/FantasyAlizaDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1500
Horror/FantasyNight GauntsDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1500
Horror/FantasyEvery HoleDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1800
Horror/FantasyFrom the Cold Dark SeaDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1800
Horror/FantasyGateDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1800
Horror/FantasyHeartDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1800
Horror/FantasyPippa CrayonsDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1800
Horror/Book CoverWomanDaniele SerraMixed Medium$2000
Horror/FantasyBody ElectricDaniele SerraMixed Medium$2000
Horror/Book CoverDiceDaniele SerraMixed Medium$2500
Horror/Book CoverSnakeDaniele SerraMixed Medium$2500
Horror/FantasyMotherDaniele SerraMixed Medium$2500
Horror/Book CoverDarknessDaniele SerraMixed Medium$2800
Horror/Book CoverMermaidDaniele SerraMixed Medium$2800
Horror/FantasyTailDaniele SerraMixed Medium$3000
Horror/Comic ArtThe BrideHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$75
Horror/Comic ArtVampiraHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$75
Horror/Comic ArtWednesdayHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$100
Horror/Comic ArtIt GirlHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$250
Horror/Comic ArtBloody Good CookieHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$400
Horror/CelebritiesPeter CushingKevin DoblerPaintings - Acrylic$300
Horror/CelebritiesJohnny DeppKevin DoblerPaintings - Acrylic$500
Horror/Heavy MetalWiredMark RomanoskiPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Horror/Product ArtRe-AnimatorMark RomanoskiPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Horror/FantasyFrom the Depths of HellJean ScroccoPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Horror/Pinup ArtVampire Blood LustGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Horror/Gallery PieceBlood SkullMark RomanoskiPaintings - Oil$650
Horror/Book Cover   Strange Tales inkGreg HildebrandtInks - BW$45
Horror/Pinup Art   Goth Girl sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$35
Horror/Dracula   DraculaGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Horror/Classic   Frankenstein & BrideGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$55
Horror/Fantasy   Silent Night -2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$55
Horror/Heavy Metal   Vampire Kill #5Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$55
Horror/Heavy Metal   Vampire Kill #1Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$75
Horror/Pinup Art   Vampire QueenGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$75
Horror/Legends   Frankenstein sketch #2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$85
Horror/Comic Art   VampirellaGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$250
Horror/Heavy Metal   Vampire Kill #4Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$250
Horror/Legends   Frankenstein sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$250
Horror/Fantasy   Chains of DestinyGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$350
Horror/Dracula   Dracula SketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$2000
Horror/Comic Art   VampirellaGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$100
Horror/Heavy Metal   Vampire Kill #2Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$100
Horror/Harris Comics   VampirellaGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$125
Horror/Pinup Art   Devil's TribunalGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$150
Horror/Heavy Metal   Vampire Kill #3Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$175
Horror/Entertainment   Michael MyersMark RomanoskiMixed Medium$300
Horror/Fantasy   Vampire Girl - Black BoardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$850
Horror/Fantasy   WardDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1350
Horror/Book Cover   RodrigoDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1500
Horror/Fantasy   Oates - Shadows of the EveningDaniele SerraMixed Medium$1500
Horror/Fantasy   VampyrDaniele SerraMixed Medium$2500
Horror/Comic Art   Deadly TreatHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$400
Horror/Gallery Piece   Loves Me NotKeith GarlettsPaintings - Acrylic$1000
Horror/Legends   FrankensteinBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Horror/Legends   FrankensteinMark RomanoskiPaintings - Oil$500