Spiderwebart also has a custom publishing division. If you are in the market for unique custom printed products we can create them for you.

We specialize in sequential art marketing tools that we design with you to hit your target audience at extremely reasonable pricing.

We have a full staff of editors, writers, letterers, artists and computer colorists to meet every challenge. We will handle your job from concept right through manufacturing and delivery if you wish.

We can arrange special drop shipping and custom insertion for you. So whether you are looking for a custom book, comic, sticker book, or poster to be used as a premium, for sale, point of purchase or on-pack we can create the right product at the right price point for you.

We can work with you to license a specific character that already exists or we can create brand new characters for you that are designed especially for your company.

Each custom publishing job is unique. If you are interested in this specific type of marketing tool please email us at jean@spiderwebart.com or call 973-770-8189 and ask for Jean Scrocco.

Star Wars Darth Vader

Trans-Siberian Orchestra program covers
Trans-Siberian Orchestra program covers

Tolkien Smaug
9/11 poser
pinup poster
The Tick
Casper stickers Looney Tunes stickers Batman Forever stickers
Superman X-Men