Spiderwebart has over 35 years of experience with licensing!

From PINUP and TOLKIEN to DRAGONS, SPACE and BEYOND we have a large inventory of artwork
available for you to license for reproduction on your products.

Spiderwebart acts in the capacity of Licensing Agents for some of the artists you see in the gallery. We also work with a number of artists that are not in the gallery.

For over thirty years we have represented artists in the fields of Book Publishing, Custom Publishing, Illustration, 3-D, Advertising, Posters, Print Editions, Clothing, Collectibles, Movie Posters, Album Covers, Comics, Trading Cards and Pre-Production Art for Movies. Many of their images are available immediately for licensing.

If you are interested in licensing any of the artist images you see or if you have a specific need
and you don't see a particular piece of art that fits your need either call us at 973-770-8189 or
email us at jean@spiderwebart.com and ask for Jean Scrocco.

As licensing agents our basic concept is very simple.
We represent the artist and we represent you the client.
Our goal is always to match the art to your needs.

Pin up T-Shirts by Greg Hildebrandt

Tin Signs by Greg Hildebrandt

Tin Signs by Lorenzo Sperlonga


Trans-Siberian Orchestra t-shirts

Trans-Siberian Orchestra collector plates

Trans-Siberian Orchestra stickers

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas ornaments

Trans-Siberian Orchestra cap


Tolkien print Smaug


Tolkien print The Fellowship of the Ring


Tolkien print The Siege of Minas Tirith



Tolkien print The Final Battle





Tokien screen saver


unicorn plate       dagger       religious art


Tolkien dolls Franklin Mint
Art is the Gift that lasts a LIFETIME.
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