Lay-A-Way plans are available for almost all of the art and prints we offer at American Beauties Art. The actual breakdown of the monthly payments and the duration of the plan are specific to each order. Our usual time frame for Lay-A-Way is between 4-6 months. We will go longer than 6 months on higher priced artwork or collectibles if necessary.

One you have decided to use our lay-a-way option we will agree on the number of months for the plan. The total $ amount of the purchase is divided by the # of months and that gives us the monthly payment.

You give us your credit card information, which we will keep on file during the duration of the Lay-A-Way. Each month, on approximately the same day, we charge your card the agreed amount until it is paid off. We add the shipping fee to the final payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have committed to a purchase on Lay-A-Way we consider the piece sold. Therefore before you begin a Lay-A-Way plan please be absolutely sure that you want the product. Each time we receive a payment on Lay-A-Way, we immediately send the artist or owner of the collectible their percent of the payment.

We cannot ask them to refund money if you change your mind.

Lay-A-Way is an excellent plan that enables you to acquire a piece of art without straining your budget. If you are interested in purchasing artwork using this plan you can either call 973-770-8189 and ask for Jean Scrocco or send an email to .