Spiderwebart -- over 35 years of art!

From Star Wars to Spiderman to
Colonel Sanders
and beyond,
we provide outstanding artwork to get your message across.

We guarantee you the following:
  • Always meet deadlines
  • Match the right art style to your project
  • Offer you top artists in their fields
  • Fast response time
We give you exactly what you want.

Spiderwebart acts in the capacity of Artist Representatives for most of the artists you see in the gallery.
We also have many artists that we represent that are not in the gallery.

For over twenty years we have been representing artists in the fields of Book Publishing, Custom Publishing, Illustration, 3-D Art, Advertising, Posters, Print Editions, Clothing, Collectibles, Movie Posters, Album Covers, Comics, Trading Cards and Pre-Production Art for Movies.

If you are interested in hiring any of the artists you see or if you have a specific need and you don't see
an art style that fits your needs either email us at jean@spiderwebart.com
or call us at 973-770-8189 and ask for Jean Scrocco.

As agents our basic concept is very simple.
We represent the artist and we represent you the client.
So our goal is always to fit the correct artist and art style to your needs.
We come in on time with your deadline with a finished piece of art that is exactly what you want.
Simple! Effective! Professional!

Some of our clients include:
Time Warner
Universal Studios
Ballantine Books
Tribune Media
National Institutes of Health
Wizards of the Coast

Marvel Comics
DC Comics
Lucasfilm Ltd.
MCA Universal
Topps Comics
Dynamic Forces

Juvenile Diabetes
Branded Entertainment
Chait Day Advertising
Mathews Media
Batfilms Productions
World Wrestling Federation

"Spiderwebart is a very special and talented group of individuals. I worked with Jean Scrocco and the Hildebrandt Brothers on an extremely labor intensive job for Taco Bell/Star Wars/Pizza Hut and they worked wonders for us. Our Taco Bell client was thrilled with their work and so were we. The Hildebrants are exceptional artists and we would use them again in a heartbeat. Spiderwebart ran the show and did an outstanding job.

Jean Scrocco produced this complicated job with the utmost of ease. Everything was organized, accurate and timely. She is an incredible person on a professional and personal level. We enjoyed working with them all and look forward to using them for future projects."
-Faith Cromas
Art Buyer at TBWA Chiat/Day Advertising