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Candy and Cream

Candy and Cream, Greg Hildebrandt
Candy and Cream

Greg Hildebrandt


With every bit of care, Greg Hildebrandt brings to you #105 in the American Beauties Pin Up Series, Candy and Cream. This next American Beauty struts down the streets and into the heart not only of the man in the painting but to all fans of polka dot dresses and gorgeous confident and sexy gals! One of the many attractive qualities to the women that Greg paints, draws, and sketches is their confidence.

Their confidence in their outfit. The confidence they carry in a wink, a smile, or a flirtatious grin. How each of the women he paints has a story to tell. Where is she walking to? from? Is she walking to impress the construction worker? Or is she simply walking down the street confident and strong just because thats the kind of woman she is? Greg puts so much time care and thought into each piece, from the beginning sketch stages, to laying the paint out on the canvas with the very first brush strokes all the way to the end where he works on tightening edges and adding the final highlights. All of the careful work he does makes the difference in each piece he paints. Greg creates a world, a fantasy, and a dream.

Created January 2018

Acrylic on Canvas

Image Area
32”inches x 41”inches

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt