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Excalibur Annual #1 p21

Excalibur Annual #1 p21, Audwynn Newman (penciller), Mark McKenna (inker)
Excalibur Annual #1 p21
Audwynn Newman (penciller), Mark McKenna (inker)


This item has been selected for the Hakes March 2018 Auction. As part of this special selection, items will be listed on the Hakes website for bidding, providing a unique opportunity for buyers to collect Hildebrandt art in a new venue via bidding . These pieces will only be available for purchase through Hakes until the auction has ended.

Pieces in the Hakes Auction will be on display via the Hakes website. Bidding dates are TBA.

This is interior page 21 from Excalibur annual #1.

Word balloons are inked directly on the page. Some elements and production notes are on an acetate overlay (pictured in the enlarged view).

Signed by Audwynn Jermaine Newman and Mark McKenna.