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Perseus and Andromeda

Perseus and Andromeda, Greg Hildebrandt
Perseus and Andromeda

Greg Hildebrandt

Son of the Greek god Zeus, and mortal Danae, Perseus falls for the beautiful Andromeda. On his way back home from battle with an Atlas Titan, he passes over Ethiopia where horrific act is about to ensue. The beautiful Andromeda is chained to rocks where she is about to meet her fate with a sea monster and the wrath of angry sea Nymphs as punishment for her mother bragging about her beauty. Perseus saves the lovely maiden and soon after asks her father for her hand in marriage. This sketch not only celebrates Greek mythology, but Greg incorporated his interpretation of the Sea Serpent. Greg tells the story of the Greek lovers through his own composition, pencil work and figure work. Classic Greek mythology and Hildebrandt art combine making a stunning one of a kind sketch for Classical fans and comic book fans of all kinds.

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt