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Krystalin, Brothers Hildebrandt

Brothers Hildebrandt
9 X 11 inches


This item has been selected for the Heritage Illustration Art Auction #5347 in April 2018. As part of this special selection, items will be listed on the Heritage website for bidding, and will be at a live viewing and auction providing a unique opportunity for buyers to collect Hildebrandt art in a venue via bidding . These pieces will only be available for purchase through Heritage until the auction has ended.

Open for internet bidding -
April 3, 2018

View Dates -
April 23- 24 2018

Auction Date -
April 24, 2018

1518 Slocum Street
Dallas Texas 75207

Pieces in the Heritage Illustration Art Auction will be on display via the Heritage website for internet bidding starting April 3, 2018. The Live auction will take place April 24, 2018

Her father a founding member of the Order of the Panther, her mother passed away, and her brother followed in their father’s footsteps. For Krystalin, this was not her path. First appearing in X-Men 2099 Issue #1 (1993), Krystalin is a mutant who has the ability to create crystalline constructs, usually based on weapons.

When Greg and Tim chose to paint her in the Marvel Masterpieces 1994 Trading Card set, they wanted to challenge themselves. Focusing on the stunning purple palette of Krystalin’s costume, the Brothers created a painting that is purple on purple, but still vibrant and dynamic. She is stunning, full of movement, and beautifully painted in the style that only Greg and Tim Hildebrandt could achieve.

Signed by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
Acrylic on board.
Created 1993.
IMAGE AREA: 9” x 11”
FRAMED SIZE: 18.5” x 21”