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Illustrated Books/PaperbackIn Search of King Tut's TombBrothers HildebrandtBooks$10
Illustrated Books/Paperback   Fantasies Forever - Coloring BookGreg HildebrandtBooks$5
Illustrated Books/Paperback   Ugly Duckling - PaperbackDennis CarmichaelBooks$6
Illustrated Books/Paperback   A Christmas CarolJoe BoddyBooks$6
Illustrated Books/Paperback   The Velveteen RabbitTuri MacCombieBooks$6
Illustrated Books/Paperback   Phantom of the OperaGreg HildebrandtBooks$15
Star Wars/Paperback   Star Wars - The Art of the Brothers HildebrandtBrothers HildebrandtBooks$40
Fantasy/Paperback   The Brothers Hildebrandt fanzineBrothers HildebrandtBooks$45