59 products were found in the following 6 mediums:
Comic Art - Colored (1)   Inks - BW (6)   Mixed Medium (19)   Paintings - Acrylic (10)   Paintings - Watercolor (23)  

Disney/Comic ArtMaui Sketch CoverHolly GolightlyComic Art - Colored$65
Disney/DisneyHalloween KittenHolly GolightlyInks - BW$50
Disney/DisneyDevil-DuckHolly GolightlyInks - BW$100
Disney/DisneyDisney Doodles - 4 Piece SetHolly GolightlyInks - BW$150
Disney/DisneyStitch’s Hearty SnackHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$90
Disney/DisneyHalloween MinnieHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$100
Disney/DisneyHalloween TinkHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$100
Disney/DisneyMinnie MouseHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$100
Disney/DisneyMinnie Mouse and Daisy DuckHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$125
Disney/DisneyAriel and Jack-O-lanternHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$150
Disney/DisneyAriel and NemoHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$150
Disney/DisneyPan and HookHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$400
Disney/Comic ArtThe Corpse BrideHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$50
Disney/Comic ArtJack's MoonHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$75
Disney/Comic ArtSally's FlowerHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$75
Disney/Comic ArtMaleficent Holly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$100
Disney/Comic ArtSpooky Family - SallyHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$100
Disney/Gallery PieceCruella: Evil Never Looked So GoodHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$150
Disney/DisneyHeartbeat BrideHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$200
Disney/Comic ArtSpooky Family - JackHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$300
Disney/DisneyThe Beauty of Evil: Jareth the Goblin KingHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$300
Disney/DisneyThe Beauty of Evil: UrsulaHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$300
Disney/DisneyDisney Duets: Beauty and BeastHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$315
Disney/DisneyThe Beauty of Evil: Evil QueenHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$350
Disney/Comic ArtMaleficent - Silver SkyHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$385
Disney/DisneyThe Beauty of Evil: Cruella DeVil Holly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$500
Disney/DisneyElsa’s Snowflake Holly GolightlyPaintings - Acrylic$200
Disney/DisneyJasmine’s FreedomHolly GolightlyPaintings - Acrylic$200
Disney/DisneyTiana’s FrogHolly GolightlyPaintings - Acrylic$200
Disney/DisneyAlice The DreamerHolly GolightlyPaintings - Acrylic$300
Disney/DisneyDisney Duets: Jack and SallyHolly GolightlyPaintings - Acrylic$550
Disney/Disney   Grinning DonaldHolly GolightlyInks - BW$50
Disney/Disney   Halloween Minnie 2Holly GolightlyInks - BW$60
Disney/Disney   Daisy Duck as Maleficent Holly GolightlyInks - BW$125
Disney/Disney   Halloween StitchHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$49
Disney/Disney   Halloween MickeyHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$50
Disney/Disney   Holiday Kisses from ClariceHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$50
Disney/Disney   Halloween Goth Tink Holly GolightlyMixed Medium$75
Disney/Disney   Stitch’s Love ButtHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$75
Disney/Disney   Holiday StitchHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$85
Disney/Disney   Stitch the Heart HunterHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$90
Disney/Disney   Holiday SallyHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$100
Disney/Disney   Halloween Doctor DuckHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$125
Disney/Disney   Mirror MirrorHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$150
Disney/Disney   The Beauty of Evil: Maleficent and DiavalHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$350
Disney/Comic Art   ZeroHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$50
Disney/Commissioned Art   Ariel Football Fan CommissionHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$150
Disney/Disney   Demona - NYCC Special Commission Holly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$250
Disney/Disney   Kida of Atlantis NYCC Special CommissionHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$250
Disney/Disney   Merida - NYCC Special CommissionHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$250
Disney/Disney   Disney Duets: Jessica and RogerHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$270
Disney/Disney   Beauty of Evil: JafarHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$300
Disney/Disney   Holiday Daydream with Jack and SallyHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$300
Disney/Disney   The Beauty of Evil: MaleficentHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$300
Disney/Disney   Ariel’s HeartHolly GolightlyPaintings - Acrylic$200
Disney/Disney   Mulan’s HonorHolly GolightlyPaintings - Acrylic$200
Disney/Disney   Snow White’s AppleHolly GolightlyPaintings - Acrylic$200
Disney/Disney   MaleficentGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Disney/Gallery Piece   Cruella DeVilleGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000