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Illustrated Books/EasterLittle Chick's Easter Treasure - Book and PlushWalt SturrockBooks$5
Holidays/ChristmasA Christmas CarolWalt SturrockPaintings - Acrylic$350
Fairy Tales/Aesop FablesThe Vixen and the LionessWalt SturrockPaintings - Acrylic$750
Childrens Art/ClassicJudge's HouseWalt SturrockPaintings - Oil$425
Classics/A Christmas Carol   A Christmas CarolWalt SturrockBooks$6
Illustrated Books/Hardcover   Aesops FablesWalt SturrockBooks$7
Illustrated Books/Hardcover   Ghost StoriesWalt SturrockBooks$7
Illustrated Books/Hardcover   Little Chick's Easter TreasureWalt SturrockBooks$7
Illustrated Books/Hardcover - Little Unicorn   A Christmas Carol, Little UnicornWalt SturrockBooks$7
Illustrated Books/Softcover   Little ChickWalt SturrockBooks$7
Illustrated Books/Hardcover   Ghost StoriesWalt SturrockBooks$16
Classics/Hardcover-Linen   Ghosts - A Classic CollectionWalt SturrockBooks$20
Illustrated Books/Hardcover-Linen   A Christmas CarolWalt SturrockBooks$20
Illustrated Books/Hardcover-Linen   Aesop's FablesWalt SturrockBooks$20
Illustrated Books/Hardcover-Linen   Ghost StoriesWalt SturrockBooks$20