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Mixed Medium (26)   Paintings - Watercolor (4)  

Comic Art/CelebritiesBatman - Classic Villains - Framed SetScott SavaMixed Medium$2000
Entertainment/CelebritiesRuby Rhode - The Fifth Element Scott SavaMixed Medium$400
Entertainment/CelebritiesCaptain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean Scott SavaMixed Medium$450
Entertainment/CelebritiesDark Helmet - SpaceballsScott SavaMixed Medium$500
Entertainment/CelebritiesMichael Jackson Scott SavaMixed Medium$500
Entertainment/CelebritiesProximo - GladiatorScott SavaMixed Medium$500
Entertainment/CelebritiesXena - Xena: Warrior PrincessScott SavaMixed Medium$500
Portraits/Gallery PieceAfricanScott SavaMixed Medium$500
Portraits/Gallery PieceAutumn BreezeScott SavaMixed Medium$500
Fantasy/Gallery PieceArt Nouveau 11Scott SavaMixed Medium$650
Entertainment/CelebritiesZiegfeld FolliesScott SavaMixed Medium$750
Entertainment/CelebritiesGimli - Lord of the Rings Scott SavaMixed Medium$800
Entertainment/CelebritiesSaruman - The Lord of the RingsScott SavaMixed Medium$800
Entertainment/CelebritiesSpock - Star TreckScott SavaMixed Medium$800
Entertainment/CelebritiesZiegfeld Follies - Lily ElsieScott SavaMixed Medium$800
Portraits/Gallery PieceSnow GirlScott SavaMixed Medium$850
Entertainment/CelebritiesSnape - Harry PotterScott SavaMixed Medium$1000
Star Wars/EntertainmentHan and Chewie Scott SavaMixed Medium$1400
Entertainment/CelebritiesZiegfeld Follies - Ziegfeld IIScott SavaMixed Medium$1500
Entertainment/TolkienGandalf - Lord of the Rings Scott SavaMixed Medium$1500
Star Wars/EntertainmentObi Wan and LukeScott SavaMixed Medium$1500
Entertainment/CelebritiesThe Three Stooges - Framed SetScott SavaMixed Medium$1750
Entertainment/CelebritiesHarry Potter - Framed SetScott SavaMixed Medium$2000
Entertainment/CelebritiesPrincess Bride - Framed SetScott SavaMixed Medium$2000
Entertainment/CelebritiesStar Wars - Framed SetScott SavaMixed Medium$2000
Illustrated Books/Childrens Book Ill.The Dreamland Chronicles - Alexander CarterScott SavaPaintings - Watercolor$500
Illustrated Books/Childrens Book Ill.The Dreamland Chronicles - KiwiScott SavaPaintings - Watercolor$750
Illustrated Books/Childrens Book Ill.The Dreamland Chronicles - NastajiaScott SavaPaintings - Watercolor$750
Fantasy/Gallery Piece   Elf NudeScott SavaMixed Medium$1400
Fantasy/Gallery Piece   Art Nouveau 05Scott SavaPaintings - Watercolor$750