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Comic Art - Colored (15)  

Classics/DraculaBlood Of A RatReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$40
Classics/DraculaSight Of The CrossReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$40
Classics/DraculaThe CountReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$40
Classics/DraculaThe Vampire StrikesReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$45
Classics/DraculaThe StakeReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$65
Classics/DraculaLustReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$80
Comic Art/AshAsh pgs. 12-13Reuben RudeComic Art - Colored$185
Comic Art/AshAsh pgs. 14-15Reuben RudeComic Art - Colored$210
Marvel/Calendar ArtHulk / Silver Surfer / Star JammersReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$1500
Marvel/Poster ArtMarvel Universe - Then & NowReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$2500
Comic Art/Comic Art   Spawn Issue 8, Page 8Reuben RudeComic Art - Colored$100
Comic Art/Comic Art   Spawn Issue 3, Page 10Reuben RudeComic Art - Colored$110
Marvel/Advertisement Art   X-Men promoReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$550
Marvel/Spiderman   Spider-man vs HobgoblinReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$600
Marvel/Calendar Art   Kirby interior pageReuben RudeComic Art - Colored$1650