Mark Romanoski
Growing up in North Plainfield, New Jersey, Mark Romanoski cannot remember a time when art wasn’t a part of his life. In addition to drawing, Mark also had an enduring fondness for comic books and fantasy related material. Mr. Romanoski graduated in 1992 from Kean College with a BFA in illustration. But he didn’t become serious about his art until some time later, when he met Tim Hildebrandt. The renowned artist made him realize how much he had to learn. Mark recalls Tim telling him that perseverance must be a God-given talent because so few people have it. After struggling on his own for a while, Mark was introduced to DC Comics artist Joe DeVito. Joe opened up a whole new world for the young artist. He taught Mark an academic approach to illustration and convinced him to enroll at the Art Students League in New York. He spent two years there studying a wide variety of paintings. Afterward, he enrolled in DuCret School of Arts in Plainfield, NJ, where he studied under Peter Caras, another well-known artist who is a protégé of Norman Rockwell and Jim Bama. Most recently, Mark’s biggest job, literally, was for the World Wrestling Federation. Mark created the image for the WWF's pay-per-view event "Royal Rumble" in 2001. The WWF used the image to create a banner over twenty feet tall that hung above their restaurant in Manhattan.