Keith Garletts
At the ripe age of sixteen, during one particularly sunny day in Geometry class, Keith came to the startling realization that he, and mathematics, were headed in opposite directions. Having crammed as much knowledge of parabolas and proofs as possible into his brain, Keith waved goodbye with a slight tear and embarked on his journey to find that which he was meant to do. One particular afternoon, he found himself in the local comic book shop; and with much interest began to read a Hulk comic. Call it fate, destiny, or whatever you like, but after being forced to, “buy it or leave!!!,” Keith walked away with the key to his future. With an air of naivety, he new exactly what he was going to do in life, he would draw comic books! There was only one small fraction of a problem; he had no idea how to draw. After months of diligently copying everything he saw it became clear that his training must advance. After four long years, Keith finally remembered an advertisement he saw in the very first comic book that he had bought. It was an ad featuring Tor and his little bug-eyed lizard, and it was for the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art Inc. Realizing that he must go, Keith packed all of his belongings into his 89’ Grand Am, and set off for a small town called Dover. Four years later Keith, has drawn some pages for Alec Stevens’ Glory to God comic, but has a primary interest in illustration. He has worked for companies such as the WWF, Wizards of the Coast, and Warner Bros. Residing for the time being in New Jersey with his wife Angela, Keith longs for the day when he’ll live in the countryside, sipping cold lemonade and painting till the cows come home.