— Some of our highlights from the 2013 TSO concert tour in Newark, NJ—

Paul, Dina, Greg and Bob

Keep those autographs comin'!

Felix and Paul love the new music package.

Griff, Greg, and Brian Hartley - excellenct in set design and lighting!

Olivia's first TSO show!

And the show begins.

Dave Z. rocks!

New castle set design - FABULOUS!

Angela brings her boyfriend, Anwar, to their first TSO show!


Greg's art looked AMAZING on stage!


The kittens...

Rob sings his heart out as always!

Greg's 42nd Street painting - one of his favorites!

Robin - SPARKS!!!

Always a treat to have Paul play on stage.

Rockin' out!

Chris Caffrey and friend.

Kayla and Paul.

Pyro, baby!


The East Coast Orchestra!

Happy child, GREAT MODEL!


Roddy, Greg, and Georgia.

Natalya, Greg, and Dave Z.

Greg and Lucy.

Greg and the fabulous Mark Weiss.

The amazing Russell Allen.

Just Dina and me.

Bob and Greg. It's been a while!

Rob Evan - nice guy with a voice like an angel!

Heavy fuckin' metal!

The protection squad.

Engineer extraodinair, Dave Whittman.

Gene and Dante.

Let it snow!


Electric Blue!

Mr. Bryan Hicks!

Ms. Georgia Napolitano!

Chris, Greg, and Joel Hoekstra!

Dante, Joe, Jean, Brian, Gene, and Ray.

Derek Wieland, music director, and Gene Palecco.

Mr. Jeff Plate!