— Some highlights for us of the 2012 TSO concert tour in Newark, NJ—

A new year, a new show - Dave Z.

Bryan Hicks narrator.

Chris Pinnella, beautiful voice.

Jay is back!

Roddy rocks.

Always fun when Paul performs.

Gotta love that tiger.

Mark and me.

Dave gets ready to rock and roll.

New pyro, new lasers.


Great lighting.

Now that's rock edge.

Rigging was out of this world.

Go Chris.

Erika Jerry - fabulous.

Joel Hoekstra, amazing guitar player.

Beautiful lighting.

Great drama.

Rob was fabulous.

Amazing lighting.

Fancy footwork.

Light up the world.

Fog it, light it.

Lock and load.

Tribute to the troops.

Kayla has a beautiful voice.

And the towers rise.

Heavy metal.

Amazing color combinations.

Family and friends.

Yo, Chris.

Paul rises to the occassion.

And the clock ticks.

Me and Chris.

Greg and Chris.

Sharing with friends.

Good friends, great night.

Dave Z, me, and Kayla.

Me, James, and Bryan.

James, Greg, and Bryan.

Heavy Metal, baby.

Luci and Greg, yearly pose.

The safest place on the planet.

My favorite shot.