— Some highlights for us of the 2011 TSO concert tour in Newark, NJ—

A brand new year. Greg and Kayla.

A brand new show.

Bob Kinkel and Greg. Same smile.

Dina is such a cutie.

The Swansons join us in the afternoon.


Roddy, Dave and Chris rock the stage.

James sings my favorite song.

Now that's rock edge.

Born to the music.

Just a little bit of fire, Paul.

Always a joy to see Paul O'Neill on stage.

Joel has some crazy moves.

The scissor lift never disappoints.

Great lighting.

Bryan is always a joy.

Derek Wieland, the musical director.

The control panel, also known as the bridge.

Tom and Rita Smith. Just kidding.

Killer lasers.

The dragon's mouth.

And don't forget the eyes.

Paul and Dave have the best hair.

Now that's rock edge.

Let us not forget the kittens.

Rob Evan and Alex Skolnik in the seats for a change.

Amazing mix of lights and pyro.

And the show ends.

TSO's biggest fan.

Mark Weiss and Greg ham it up.

Dave Whittman, master engineer.

Jon Brink and Rob Evan with Greg.

Luci and Greg for their yearly shot.

Jeff Plate getting ready to go on stage.

Heavy metal.


Security at its finest. The end.