— Some highlights for us of the 2010 Beethoven's Last Night TSO concert tour in Cleveland—

A brand new year.

A brand new show.


Amazing screens.

Quallity reproduction.

Jay Pierce as Twist.


Rob Evan as Beethoven, amazing.

The kittens.

Powerful performances for a powerful story.

Born to be Beethoven.

Greg flipped out when he saw Mephistopheles so big.

One way or the other, Paul gets his pyro.

First time seeing Al Pitrelli live.

Great lighting.

Battle for the 10th, program cover.

Decisions, decisions.


A class act.

Al Pitrelli and a standing ovation for Paul.

But does he have eyes?

A little bit of Night Castle.

Gary and Greg the gargoyles.

Chris Caffery and the gargoyle.

Jeff Plate, Danielle Landherr, and Jay Pierce

Jeff Scott Soto, John Brink, Rob Evan,
April Berry, and Chloe Lowery.

Valentina Porter, Tim Hockenberry, Sarah Charness,
Roddy Chong, and Johnny Lee Middleton.

My favorite shot.

Greg and Al Pitrelli.

Greg and Dina Finai- how cute is she?

Happy Greg.

Greg, Bryan Hartley, and Paul O'Neill.

The next Hildebrandt TSO pass.

Greg with Rob Evan.

Paul signing in the lobby.


He loves the kids.

Brian Hicks on the signing line.

Greg and Paul signed till 2AM.