— Some highlights for us of the 2009 TSO concert tour in the Meadowlands—

Anna Phoebe fiddles away.


Bryan Hicks


Alex Skolnick

Jay Pierce rocking


Love the lighting.


The kittens.

Chris and Anna light up the stage.


Alex and Chris battle.


Bob Kinkel in ethereal mode.

Steve Broderick the bum.


James Lewis sings one of my favorite songs.



Johnny Lee on bass.

Jeff Plate.


Drum solo.

Greg's gargoyles fill the stage.


International appreciation.



Don't blink, the letters disappear.

Chris and mom.


How beautiful is his voice?

Johnny and Chris.


Danielle and Chris.

Paul O'Neill


Tim Hockenberry and Chris.



Barb and Alan.

Gregory and Jane.


Chip Cronkite.


Jean and brother Joe.

Rey, Kevin, and Jesse.


Dina and Greg.

Ross, Greg, and Chip.


Dina and friend with Greg, Jean, and Rob Evan.

Mark and Red.


Tim Hockenberry, fabulous voice.

Joanne, Joe, and Gregory.


Gene, Greg, Rob, and Mike.

Greg and Mark Weis, photographer extraordinare.


Greg and Luci Butler.

Luci and Gene.


Greg's annual hug from Anna.


Bryan, lighting genius.


Vitalij and Greg.

Jeff Plate.


Ute and Felix, merchandising genius.

I never felt so safe.


Bob Kinkel, Paul O'Neill, John Oliva, and Greg.