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Cheryl Blossom #?? Pg16

Cheryl Blossom #?? Pg16, Holly Golightly
Cheryl Blossom #?? Pg16

Holly Golightly
11 x 17

This is an original comic page done by Holly for Archie Comics.

This is a pin up page for one of my Cheryl Blossom issues. I grew up in the fashion industry and hung out in Madison ave salons so I really like to show style in all its faces! Archie seems to be enjoying the little show Cheryl is putting on for us! Oh yeah, and Im extremely tickled that I did a pretty good inking job on this piece too!

Comic: Cheryl Blossom
Issue: ??
Page: 16
Size: 11x17
Inks on Bristol

Signed by Holly Golightly